Beginning Beekeeper’s Mentorship Bundle, New Beekeepers Lessons


This “bundle” includes a nucleus hive and lessons from our Veteran Beekeeper.

These lessons will extensively cover the issues you need to know as a beginning beekeeper.

Classes will be held outdoors and consistent with current CDC guidelines at the time of the event.

When you come to pick up your bees, you’ll be given a 3-hour in-person lesson on how to:
-Set up your hive for success 
-Transport your new colony
- Introducing your colony to your new hive at home
-Feeding tips
-Tracking your hive health with the same “hive inspection template” that we use to keep our hives healthy
-What to expect during your first season of beekeeping using our "monthly beekeeping calendar.”
-How to identify your queen, worker, and drone bees  
-Identification of common hive pests, and what to do about them 
-How/when to prepare for the honey flow!
-Where to buy beekeeping equipment, food, etc.  
*This Class & Colony pick-up will take place on the same date at Deer Lake Orchard, near Buffalo Minnesota.

During the last week of July you will be invited to a 2-hour zoom conference in which we will show you how to:
-How/if your honey is ready to be “pulled” from your hive
-How to extract your honey
-Store your honey harvest
- Conduct mid-season mite/pest control,
-Options for preparing your hives for a successful fall. Bare Honey offers extraction/bottling services for your honey, saving you the time & money spent on expensive extraction equipment (please email us for more information)

During the first week of September, this 2-hour class will be held both virtually & on-site near Monticello, Minnesota.
We will provide instruction on how to:
-Prepare your hive for overwintering in Minnesota, or sending your hive with us to our Florida overwintering yard.
-How to determine if your hive is healthy enough to survive the Minnesota Winter
-Common overwintering issues in Minnesota
-Determining Hive health during the winter
-Splitting your hives for overwintering in Nuc boxes.