Bare Honey Colony Overwintering Services, Price is Per Hive


Send your Hive South for the Winter, for less than the cost of a new hive!

For those of you that don’t want to chance losing your hive to the frigid Minnesota winter, we’ll bring your hive south.

Sign up soon, as room on the truck is limited.

In Florida we will:
- Manage your hive for pests,
- Provide supplemental feed if needed,
- Re-queen your hive in the spring if it is experiencing health issues,
- Have it ready for you to pick up at Deer Lake Orchard by the end of May next spring .

*This service is only available to beekeepers that have purchased hives from Bare Honey. *Hive must pass inspection to verify that it is healthy enough to survive the trip south and back. Please contact us at for more details, place "overwinter 2022" in the subject line.