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Bare Honey

Blending 100% pure raw honey and simple spices.
We have created spreadable honeys that are simply sweet, the way nature intended!

Local Honeybees

Our commitment to local food, local farms and local Minnesota honey producers goes far beyond our own hives. We work with local beekeepers to breed locally adapted honeybees. The University of Minnesota’s Marla Spivak created a line of “hygenic” honeybees that are more resistant to the diseases and pests that challenge todays honeybee. We are continuing our efforts to breed bees that are adapted to producing Minnesota honey and surviving Minnesota winters.

You can help by supporting the UofM's beesquad.

Our Family

After working in the food and agricultural industry for nearly 20 years, owners and creators Dustin and Grace, have learned a thing or two about taste.

Their mission: create wholesome products that not only taste great, but are also healthy for their family and the environment.

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