Raw Wildflower Honey, Mini 1.87 oz Jar


The "wilds" of the upper midwest provide an abundance and variety of wildflowers for our bees to collect nectar. 

They then turn this nectar into honey through a process of adding enzymes and dehydration. Once the bees have removed a sufficient quantity of water from the nectar they seal it in a wax envelope called a cell. Our bees are particularly busy. Thus, we are able to remove some of the excess honey they produce and bottle it for you. 

Hence, there is nothing simple about our Raw Wildflower Honey. It is delicately laced with the sweet flavors of clover, raspberry, cherry, and alfalfa blossoms. It has a mosaic of fruity, light, and buttery flavors that blend and dance on your tongue, a trait that you will come to recognize with Bare Honey.