Organic Bare Honey 48 oz Glass Jar


Did you know that there is no option to certify U.S. produced honey as organic? 

(If it were an option, we would!) This is our only imported, certified organic honey, coming from Brazil. It has an excellent taste that is tropical and fruity, with a sweet finish to follow.

Alas! A Bare Honey organic option that you can love freely. This bright and fruity honey has a taste that sweetens fruit, cheese, yogurt, and tea beautifully. 

Why isn't all of our honey organic, you might ask? There are no organic certification options or standards in place for honey that is produced in the U.S. 

So, if you see organic honey on the shelf, it is likely from another country such as Brazil, Mexico, or Canada. 

Our organic honey is from the fields of Brazil, where they care deeply about protecting the environment and maintaining sustainable practices. Now, who wants to come along with us on our next trip to visit their apiaries??