Raw Beekeeper's Honey, Mini 1.87 oz Jar


Psst. . . Want to try some REALLY good honey?
This is the honey we usually set aside for our beekeepers, but this year we're willing to share.

Supplies are limited, so stock up while you can!

This season's Raw Beekeepers honey has been produced on flowering Solar Farms. Working alongside Solar developers, and with the non-profit Fresh Energy, Bare Honey is supporting the planting of 1000's of acres of pollinator-friendly habitat alongside photovoltaic arrays each year.

These Pollinator-Friendly Solar Farms are a tangible step we can all take in our fight to save pollinators, reduce our carbon footprint, and create a Sweeter, Brighter Future for generations to come! Learn more by clicking on the "our bees" tab in the menu bar.