Pure Varietals Gift Set, 4 Pack of 1.87 oz Jars with Dipper


We have created our favorite and most unique combination of RAW honeys, all varied in color and natural floral nectars.

This is a fun way to sample our honeys and taste the magic of what our bees can do. 

Which is your favorite? 

Minnesota Amber, Raw Farmstand, Minnesota Clover, and Linden Blossom.

Sample these four honey varietals that display the character of our Midwest honey harvest, then decide which one is your favorite! Is it our herbaceous Linden Blossom, the floral prairie Minnesota Clover, Buckwheat, or our Raw Farmstand Honey? 

This set is the perfect gift for the honey lover on your list.

*Varietal types of honey may change depending on seasonal availability.

Email us at info@barehoney.com to inquire about volume discounts for corporate or event gifting.