Beekeeper Mentorship (2 season package)


This Package includes everything in the 1st time beekeeper basics bundle extend to two seasons! That’s right, we aim to make your first foray into beekeeping a success. Most first time beekeepers have extreme difficulty getting their hive through the first winter in Minnesota, let alone make a harvestable crop of honey.  This is usually due to the fact that your bees are spending most of their energy building wax comb in your hive during season 1. Thus, they often  will not have the needed honey stores to make it through the long Minnesota winter. 

In this package, we’ll bring your hive to our southern bee yards in the panhandle of Florida at the end of season 1, where our expert beekeepers will care for, and feed your hive throughout the winter to ensure it’s optimal health. You’re guaranteed to have bees back in the spring of the following season when we return to Minnesota for the spring  apple pollination.  This way, you're set for a successful honey crop in year 2.